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Friday, 13 January 2012

99p plus postage

'Parcel is coming!'- Odessa screamed when our post arrived.
Every single time she sees a parcel she thinks it's for her and to be honest, usually it is! On occasions when it's something for me or her father you should see her disappointed face when she opens the box and there is a computer cable inside...
Anyway this time she was lucky and this parcel had something for her...  to wear. It's not as great as a new puzzle for example but will do...
Before I continue this story I have to admit to something which is very clear for everyone who know me a little bit - I like dress my daughter nicely, it's important to me. And by nicely I don't mean her looking like a cupcake. I like simple, classical clothes with a bit of character - like her fur waistcoat (which she chose herself and wears all the time). I also tend stay away from pink. 
I value good design in anything really - clothes, toys, furniture, etc...
On the other hand my budget is limited and like I mentioned in my previous posts I prefer spend bigger sum of money on experiences such as music classes for Odessa, theatre or travelling rather than buying new items. And that's where ebay comes in very handy. Where else I would buy a Stella Mcartney dress for 5.99 (which is one of my biggest ebay achievements) I have been buying clothes on Ebay and other products for Odessa since she was a newborn and I would highly recommend it for people with the patience (there are lots of children's items on their website - you need spend time filtering them). 

My advice would be: 

1.Go for brands you know and like - my favourite ones for children clothes are: Zara for calm classical styles and Monsoon for great quality and beautiful dresses. I also like Next, Gap, Cath Kidston, Vertbaudet, H&M, Fat Face for jumpers, JoJo Maman Bebe for waterproof clothes.     

2. Check in the description what the clothes are made of (as you can't touch them to see how they feel). 100 per cent cotton is the best bet or wool for winter.

3. Make sure the condition is 'very good' or 'like new'.

4. Check the postage - some people are very cheeky with what they charge.

5. Pay only with Paypal.

The dress which came today is from Next and cost me 99p on Ebay I like it because of it's pretty collar.

When Odessa saw it she looked at me with those huge eyes and asked 'where is the rabbit mummy?' and the look she gives me I know very well - it's the kind of look which melts the biggest cynics like myself - I started feeling guilty stright away and thinking... oh no, I'm so sorry... I'm going buy you the biggest the most beautiful rabbit in the world just don't look at me like that... But then I pull myself together, look back at her and said 'The rabbit is here darling, hiding under the little heart on your new dress'. Ha! How clever was that :). What I learnt while being a parent is that sometimes rather than using psychological manoeuvres and tactics it's better to use your imagination, children respond well to it.

Anyway she accepted the explanation , requested to put dress on and everyone lived happy ever after... well at least until the next potential, rabbit related drama. 


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