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Monday, 23 January 2012


Odessa hasn't seen Tim much recently as he has been working non-stop for last two weeks. Unfortunately he needs to be back at work this evening (Saturday) so there is no time for a family trip this weekend.  Instead we took him out for a breakfast to our local café, "Mel's"  on Garrett lane - which I recommend to all local mums. It's a very  pleasant space with many tables and good quality food (they do their own baked beans!). When I choose a local place for us to eat, I usually just go for simple places I like, rather than limit myself only to "family" venues. I do refuse to eat next to a  soft play area too... it's just not very charming is it? As long as there is enough room, fresh vegetables on the menu and people who are not child haters, well  that's family friendly enough for me.

We have been taking Odessa with us when we go out to eat or just to have a coffee since she was a newborn, and I think it's a great social experience for small children... it's always good to remember to involve your child in the whole process of choosing food, explaining what's happening (today daddy is not cooking,  but a lovely man in the restaurant is).  Also remind them to be polite and say thank you to the waitress and maybe even encourage them to order their own food. 
Sometimes you just need to go out from the home, especially when you are a full-time mum and your life is focused around the household.  I remember when we were living in the countryside,  where there was not much to do and I didn't know many people;  going out with Odessa to a nearby café and talking to local people there was 'life saving' for me. The change of scenery did us good too.

Anyway, our lazy Saturdays in the café usually starts with buying The Guardian in a newsagents and a children's magazine for Odessa (it's a little family tradition).  And than we read our newspapers, eat, talk, plan holidays discuss all the family matters... it's also Tim's and Odessa's time together when they can make up all the time they didn't see each other... and she usually has got lots to tell him...

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