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Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Amazing Museum of Childhood

The Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green is one of my favourite museums ever!
Come on, how many museums do you know with sandpit inside of it? To see all the kids running bare feet and playing with sand in the middle of winter was a surreal and beautiful experience!
It's a fantastic space full of interactive things to do for children: board games, computer activities, blocks, arts & crafts, huge vintage rocking horses, a play area for toddlers, giant rocks to climb on, fancy clothes and of course you can see all the toys from different eras (some of which make you feel very sentimental).

Odessa playing in of the computer educational games (below)

(and inside of one of the rocks)

(playing Snakes and ladders game)

They also regularly run themed exhibitions. We went there on Saturday and we saw 'Magic Worlds' - an exhibition which features fairy tales and fantasy literature. These exhibitions are wonderfully designed and well thought out - you can find lots of objects to explore and costumes you could try on. You could, for example, put rabbit ears on and 'drink' a cup of tea in with the mad Hatter (Alice Wonderland)... or cook snakes and spiders in a witch's cauldron, (they also provide the outfit!).

Very charming and imaginative.

Odessa was so happy - she couldn't stop jumping... not only did she really liked the place, she was joined there by much loved friend Lelia and cousin Kiara...

(Lelia came and nothing else matters anymore)

 (having Alice in Wonderland cup of tea with Kiara)

(three little witches cooking a snake and frog soup)

(in the play fire engine)

(in Alice in Wonderland room with Lelia listening to the story)

('Mummy look! Odessa is a rabbit!')

(and let's not forget about the sandpit!)

It was an absolutely wonderful day which cost us nothing, we stayed up to closing time and the children still wanted more. I loved watching Odessa exploring all the space and objects around her - it was very stimulating for her.

I'm guessing we will be back there soon...


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