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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

the wonderful Science Museum

London museums are fantastic, everyone knows that... it's one of those places you need to take your family to when they come over to visit (so they realise how cultural London is).

The Science Museum is full of interactive exhibits and it is a hugely impressive space, it looks very futuristic... but what I really want to tell you is how great it is for children (of any age).
The whole museum if full of stimulating objects and educational activities for children - for example virtual fish swimming on the floor or machines that manipulate light.

The best thing they do is Launchpad - a massive space designed for children to play, explore and learn. They say on the website that it is for eight years and upwards, but don't worry about it, Odessa is three and I assure you she absolutely loved it!  She really didn't want to leave. We stayed there up to closing time and she still didn't manage to try everything.

Whoever designed Launchpad is a very imaginative person who still remembers how it is to be a child... it was great fun and educational at the same time. Children could experiment with light, water, movement, etc. and watch different demonstration and experiments. It's an amusement park made by scientists.   
And for free as well (they do like donations, however)! Highly recommend for grey, rainy days.   

I have taken few images in Museum café as the light was great... it felt a bit like a science fiction movie...

Odessa doing her own experiments....

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