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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Moon Rabbit

'Odessa... where is the 'moon rabbit' from? Is she from the moon?'

'No!! The moon rabbit is from Estonia!' - my daughter answered me.

And she is right the Moon rabbit came to us from Estonia - it is a lovely present from a lovely friend and called the rabbit Sindy in her honour.

Moon rabbit has stolen Odessa's heart and was chosen as one of the group of special rabbits which she take to bed with her every night.

Another very special rabbit came to us from my homeland of Poland. Little boy Johnny created it for Odessa (with a little bit of help from his mum and my friend Zuza). Odessa was so happy when she opened the envelope... every single time when a parcel arrives or a letter she always hopes for a rabbit inside and was thrilled when one finally arrived!

Thank you very much, my friends, for feeding my daughter's rabbit obsession. It's all very touching (and I'm saying that without  sarcasm)...  Who knows, I might do a rabbit exhibition one day! 

Thank you once again.

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