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Friday, 10 February 2012


The wings were bought few months ago as a Christmas decoration, although Odessa had different ideas...

She loves wearing the wings, dancing and spinning around to her favourite music - pretending she is a little bird... I have tried explain to her what an angel is but she doesn't like the concept at all... I should have never mentioned that angels are well behaved!
Props and costumes are great for little children as they love  games where they can "pretend". It's always good to follow your child's interests - Odessa for her last birthday was wearing a  rabbit costume (which she often uses as a jacket), there are plenty of products on the market. Or if you possess the skills, you can also try and make  something yourself with a little bit of help from your child... an animal mask for example or a robot outfit from cardboard boxes. 

Our wings were bought in a Tiger store (£3), Djeco do some really  cool and inexpensive paper masks, in Lettertbox you can find some animals outfits and of course Mothercare do the traditional princesses and faries.

Don't worry too much about items or costumes themselves -  children often don't need much to stimulate their imagination... for example Odessa likes walking around the house wearing Tim's slippers, carrying an imaginary cup of tea and pretending she is "The Daddy".


  1. I love the photography on your blog - it's beautiful. And because of this I'm awarding you The Liebster Award! :)

  2. I totally adore your photos of your beautiful girl, am feeling inspired in so many ways now. Thank you so much! Am sure you must have but have you read the children's book "Tatty Ratty" if not you will love sharing it with Odessa x

  3. Thank you for your kind words and thank you for Tatty Ratty! I haven't seen it before but have just found it on Amazon and it looks fantastic! Definitely needs to be ordered!