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Monday, 12 March 2012

Charley Harper Memory Game

My charity shop find of the month! A Charley Harper Memory Game for three pounds (I would pay more trust me). It's so beautiful and it puts huge smile on my face every single time I see it. It contains 36 pairs, which are far to many for Odessa's age group, but it doesn't matter - you can just chose few elements to play with your toddler and with time increase the number. I also play the memory game in other ways with my daughter: I put all the pieces showing the pictures and tell her to find the pair, and while she is looking and comparing I ask her lots of questions about the similarities and differences between them (and try to improve her vocabulary).  

 Charley Harper is (or rather was, as he sadly passed away) an  American artist fascinated with nature, particularly birds. His work is very simple and original I particularly like the way he is using colours. There are a few lovely children's products with his illustrations on the market available on Amazon.  

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