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Wednesday, 4 April 2012


And I finally did it! I bought Odessa her first ballet outfit. And now every single time I close my eyes I see pink - a very nasty side-effect :) 

Odessa has been doing ballet for a while now and they don't need to have a "full" outfit yet (only shoes), so I enjoyed dressing her in flowery tunics or long hippy skirts. Last Wednesday though she had her first little show and I thought would be sad if she was the only one without a ballerina look (I also noticed during classes her admiration of others girls' costumes).

So... the pink skirted leotard and the ballet shoes you see in the photos I bought from Sugarplum dancewear - a very pleasant online shop - fast delivery too.
The best thing about the shoes is the rabbit print inside them (of course)! It was just just meant to be...

It is actually her second pair of ballet shoes. I had to buy them again as I was crazy enough to let Odessa ride on her mini micro scooter wearing the first pair. Very bad idea - the shoes were ruined within five minutes. She did look damn cute on the yellow scooter wearing pink ballet shoes though (her Daddy is not impressed however)!

I would also like to explain why I send my daughter to ballet, and the reason is very simple - Odessa goes to ballet because she wants to. It makes her smile - neither of us is very serious about it. After all, she is only three years old.

Ballet is great for girls but there are 100 other things they can do instead if ballet is not what they want to do. I would really recommend not forcing your children into any activities.
At this early stage of development especially, their attitude towards learning is more important than than what they can actually do.
Trust your children and follow them rather than following the latest trends.

Odessa did very well at her first show... I can't really say what  they did (there was a lot spining and jumping around) but I very clearly remember how happy our daughter was.

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