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Sunday, 27 May 2012


I want "wow", said my daughter to me in one morning a few days ago, meaning she wanted to be amazed by something. So I took her to Tate Britain to she could see some great masterpieces... and so she got her "wow" thanks to Lelia who came as well, rather than Picasso.

Tate Britain is an older and perhaps more serious sister to the Tate Modern - so no musical slide I'm afraid. They do some children's activities from time to time though, so it's good to check out their website.
It's a beautiful building and amazing space... at the moment they are running exhibitions of Pablo Picasso and Damien Hurst.

The girls pretty much took over whole building - they were running from one room to the other, singing, dancing and laughing non stop. Their favourite thing was a video installation featuring a high-wire artist - they lay down on the floor and watched the projection together holding hands. And in moments like that I am so grateful that two years back we decided to live in the countryside where we met Nadia and Lelia (a year later they followed us back to London). The girls loved each other before they could properly walk and 'Lelia' was one of Odessa's first words. It's magic when they are together... (definitely a big wow).

Saturday, 26 May 2012

from Earlsfield to Vauxhall

On the train to Tate Britain, a week ago, I have never gotten used to the bizarre English weather - last week Odessa had to have a fur coat on, but today she was running naked in the garden.