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Monday, 20 August 2012

L is for love, L is for Lelia...

Summerset House - Casa Brasil

                        Rio hour! Girls dancing salsa.

                     Apparently Lelia is the best...

Sunday, 12 August 2012

The best thing about Hyde Park

It is going be a short post as everyone knows Hyde Park. It's one a of the biggest London landmarks and a very popular tourist destination... not exactly a hidden gem is it? But still it is a great park with lots to explore, plenty to do for children and wealthy west London around its periphery. 

Our favourite thing in the park is (and I'm sure lots of London's parents are going agree with me) the Princess Diana Memorial Playground. Surly it must be one of the best playgrounds in Europe! It's fantastic -  every kid on the planet would love it. Every adult with at least a little bit child inside them would love it as well. It has got a massive Pirate ship with little beach with running water around it, play tunnels, play sculptures, teepees, massive wooden climbing frames, slides, swings, a musical area... it's all very nicely designed and thought out. As mentioned above, it is very popular which means it can be busy, especially during school holidays. I actually had to queue once to get in, but it is worth it! 

the famous pirate ship

 play tunnels 

Odessa and Lelia making a 'cup of tea' in the teepees...

 music area

 my favourtie: trampoline playing a sound every single time you jump 

(These images have been taken a few weeks ago - before the Olympics). 

Friday, 10 August 2012

Well done Odessa

I meant to do it ages ago but London was keeping me very busy recently. Anyway, congratulations to my beautiful daughter for her amazing dancing during the end of term ballet show!