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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

little happiness

Half term, day two. 
'Good morning kittens, would you like to play with me, please,'  said Odessa to the terrified kittens. Absolutely love my life in moments like this!

Half term

Odessa has just started her half term break. We were meant to have a week full of adventures in London, but as we are both sick we are going have a week of taking it easy... oh well, it's horrible outside and we have got all those nice M&S biscuits at home. I'm trying to keep Odessa busy with drawing, reading and chasing the kittens...

Half term, day one...

Monday, 29 October 2012

Albany theatre

Week ago we went to the Albany theatre with Nadia and Lelia. I highly recommend the place, a very family friendly theatre with regular plays for kids, a nice cafe with a lovely garden outside - perfect for summer days (see the pictures below). It was meant to be one of those beautiful, moody rainy days spent with friends, drinking lots of coffee, reading newspapers while the kids are playing. Unfortunately it wasn't one of those days... instead it was a day when 'mummy dropped herself' as my daughter put it, and ended up in A&E... You know when the responsible people always tell you to 'be careful', 'it's wet' and 'slippery'.  Well it turns out  to be true sometimes (I promise I'll never roll my eyes again on hearing advice like that). It's exactly what happened to me. It did rain so it was wet, one moment I walked towards my daughter and the other I'm in the car screaming in agony. I blame the English weather! It's not broken but badly bruised, swollen and a lovely purple colour - all ready for Halloween.  My friends are actually freaked out by my arm!    

Anyway we went to see 'Stuck' based on the Oliver Jeffers book. It was lovely to see both girls sitting just next to the stage - singing and laughing and generally  interacting with the show - I can't say it was worth the pain though but at least they had nice time. And with this beautiful story we have started the theatre season.  We've made two more booking for next month and will definitely go to see 'Snowman' in December - absolutely loved it last year. But no more accidents please! 

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Monday, 15 October 2012

goodbye September!

Before I even mention October I need take you back to September which ended long before I had noticed it had come and gone...  It has been very important time for us - first of all we went to Poland to see my family and friends, which was very emotional and simply a happy experience. It's so good to know that our little family has got such a wonderful people caring for us. Thank you to everyone I managed to see - it meant more for me that I could ever capture with words.

In September also our family welcomed three new ginger kittens (yep, ginger again), they are all boys this time and absolutely adorable. Odessa calls them 'little Aristocats'.

More importantly, on the 13th of September, without any crying or complaining, my beautiful and very brave little girl started school - in nursery class. I am so proud of her! She has been fantastic. She loves her nursery and I can see she stole their hearts as well. She is quiet I was told and slowly opening herself, but she likes all the activities they run especially reading and music sessions. Every morning she walks in there with big smile on her lovely face which makes my heart sing!

She is also back to her ballet classes.

....and on Saturday mornings she has joined a drama group. She is the youngest there at least a head shorter than the other kids, but who cares when you can dance and sing non stop for almost two hours!
Below you can see Odessa dancing on the sitting room table in one of the outfits she wore for her drama classes. Unfortunately I can't take pictures of the actual classes, we need to wait for the show.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Summer day

No, I am not going say I miss summer, I love how the seasons change and I adore Autumn ... but we had an amazing summer this year in spite of the moody weather. London was wonderful place to be - Odessa and I were exploring it every day. It was her last Summer before big school started and I made sure it was full of little adventures and small pleasures (like eating her much loved blueberry cheesecake). In the photos below you can see Odessa and her lovely friend Daniel in one of my favorite London's cafes - Le Pain Quotidien.  They serve plenty of healthy options, amazing coffee ...and those cakes! It was one of those perfect summer days when you stay out in town up to late, kids were laughing all the time, sun was shining and everything, at least for one day, seemed to be perfect.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

it's not the same without sugar I'm afraid...

Odessa eating sugar-free princess mini muffins made by Tim. It's still not totally successful, but at least we are trying...