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Monday, 29 October 2012

Albany theatre

Week ago we went to the Albany theatre with Nadia and Lelia. I highly recommend the place, a very family friendly theatre with regular plays for kids, a nice cafe with a lovely garden outside - perfect for summer days (see the pictures below). It was meant to be one of those beautiful, moody rainy days spent with friends, drinking lots of coffee, reading newspapers while the kids are playing. Unfortunately it wasn't one of those days... instead it was a day when 'mummy dropped herself' as my daughter put it, and ended up in A&E... You know when the responsible people always tell you to 'be careful', 'it's wet' and 'slippery'.  Well it turns out  to be true sometimes (I promise I'll never roll my eyes again on hearing advice like that). It's exactly what happened to me. It did rain so it was wet, one moment I walked towards my daughter and the other I'm in the car screaming in agony. I blame the English weather! It's not broken but badly bruised, swollen and a lovely purple colour - all ready for Halloween.  My friends are actually freaked out by my arm!    

Anyway we went to see 'Stuck' based on the Oliver Jeffers book. It was lovely to see both girls sitting just next to the stage - singing and laughing and generally  interacting with the show - I can't say it was worth the pain though but at least they had nice time. And with this beautiful story we have started the theatre season.  We've made two more booking for next month and will definitely go to see 'Snowman' in December - absolutely loved it last year. But no more accidents please! 


  1. ....."mummy dropped herself" ;) sympatycznie sie usmiechnelam na to okreslenie. Mam nadzieje, ze juz lepiej. Wszystkiego dobrego zycze!

    1. Dziekuje juz duzo lepiej i cale szczescie bo nie latwo z jedna reka przy dziecku...a teraz trzeba urodziny organizowac, twoje plany brzmialy super, pozdrawiam internetowa blizniaczke! Napisz jaki ma charakter, ciekawe czy podobne sa do Odessy angielskie slowo 'quirky' pasuje doskonale - 'weird in a good way' :).