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Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Wow! Odessa had another wonderful birthday, thank you very much to all her lovely little friends, she keeps saying how much she loves all of you and I  was very glad to see all your happy faces. 

Like I mentioned in the previous post, she started her birthday very early. After a morning with her parents she went to her nursery, proudly riding her new green scooter and wearing her cat dress. She was mega-excited! Everyone in nursery made fuss over her and when school finished, I went to pick her up with Lelia - which was a surprise for her. She was the happiest girl in the world when she saw her friend waiting for her. 

At home we prepared a carton box house for the kids,  which they could all decorate (the house was very much liked by everyone, even the cats!) and later in the evening we had a treasure hunt in the garden. I bought some £1 torches from Tiger for the children and it was one of my best ideas so far I think. Kids loved running in the garden with torches and finding chocolate coins. Now I use the torch to read for Odessa in dark (so cool!) and for shadow theatre. Honestly go to tiger and get yourself a torch - such a fantastic toy :)

Anyway Tim cooked lovely and healthy food (he even made his own humus) and baked the best birthday cake ever - Caribbean carrot cake, we served hot wine for adults and had jacket potato mice for the kids.  House was full of laughing children - which is still my favourite sound.  

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