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Sunday, 25 November 2012

black cat

Odessa's birthday was full of wonderful surprises, starting early in the morning when she decided to surprise us (for reasons unknown she got up 5.30 am!). I forgot how the world looks that early (Tim doesn't - he works crazy hours).  Anyway as a result she had very long birthday! It was still lovely to spend the whole morning with her (after I had two very strong coffees!!) we had breakfast all together with her dad (which doesn't happen that often for us), we opened a few of her presents and prepared a book to take to the nursery - rather than buying sweets, Odessa's school suggested we buy a book and write a dedication for Odessa inside. The book was read to the kids later on and they all sang happy birthday to Odessa - which I thought was a wonderful idea. 

One of Odessa's presents from us was a 'black cat dress' - which she badly wanted and asked for every day! Tim and I were wondering where that idea came from... she has always loved cats, but why black? None of our cats are black and none of their kittens were black. What we constantly heard from her was 'I am a little black cat' or 'I want black cat dress from my birthday' and today finally we found out why. I was given a script of the play they are preparing for her drama classes and she was given the part of a black cat in the 'Magical Chamber'!  So she was right, she is the black cat! My beautiful little black cat!


  1. racja- przepiękny kotek
    Dzięki za stronkę, może i ja znajdę coś ładnego pod choinkę dla dziewczynek ;-)))

    1. Jak znajdziesz cos fajnego na notonthehighstreet zrob google search bo wiekszosc rzeczy mozna kupic bezposrednio od konkretnej firmy taniej, strona fajna po inspiracje :)

    2. dzięki za cynk, już znalazłam kilka fajnych. Kurcze z torbami pójdę :)))