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Saturday, 2 February 2013


"Look Odessa! Snow!" I said to to my daughter week ago one  morning when we were going to her nursery. Snow had finally arrived in London.

"Wow, Just like in the books!" - she answered.
My daughter knows snow from books! Unbelievable! So different to my childhood in Poland where it was just snowing every winter, nobody was treating it as a blessing or, like some people here, as an insurmountable problem. I definitely don't remember any schools being closed because of it...

Anyway were all so happy! All the children in Odessa's nursery were glued to the window and staring at the snowflakes falling from the sky with huge smiles on their faces. I couldn't wait to pick up Odessa from school and take her to the garden. It was so cool just running in the snow and watching her reaction. In the evening the whole family went to the park and Odessa had her first snowball fight. Unforgettable!

The snow has gone now and we are back to plus 10ºC temperatures and rain. Oh well...

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  1. Beautiful pictures, glad you enjoyed the snow!