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Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Knock Knock! Is there anyone there? 

My blog has been sleeping for the last few months due to the lack of a computer. The old one died and refused to work. Also, as we moved house recently, I needed to wait a little bit to sort finances out and be able to buy a new machine. 

But here I am back in front of my new lovely laptop, in my new amazing home, in my own office!! Yes this time we have a three bedroom place, so I actually have my own work space - cool.

Today is the first "properly" cold day this year. I really felt it this morning walking Odessa to school, even she noticed and said to me 'Mummy winter is coming' - which is good news for her as it's her birthday time. And she really wants a bicycle. Well to be completely honest  what she wants is a 'Hello Kitty bicycle' ...grrr! I really don't like the thing it's not even pretty is it? But it's everywhere!! Hello Kitty for some strange reason, took over the world. Odessa doesn't even watch telly. She shouldn't know about it! I mean I don't mind Hello kitty socks or a pencil...but a bike! It's huge. But what can you do? Lelia has got one and nothing beats that. 

Anyway summing up the last few months - we had a very urban summer this year in London. We took trains and travelled all over the city. Odessa absolutely loves travelling by train - she knows many of the names of the stations now and knows how to come back home. We were discovering new places, seeing friends, eating out.
I also took her swimming and Odessa started swimming without arm bands!! With her head under the water and just for few seconds but it's still looks so beautiful and it's a good start.
All the family is extremely happy with our new home. It works so well for us. We have space, lot's of light and it's very well connected. And I even have my favourite local cafe 10mins from home. This is first time for few years I live in a block again, and it feels right. This is how I grew-up - it feels like home. I really like seeing neighbours at the entrance and kids running under my windows. And surprisingly, Odessa has much more fun running around the block than she ever had in the beautiful garden at our old place. The cats are not very happy though, but they will soon discover they have more freedom here.

The big thing happening recently is Odessa starting school! She went to the same school her nursery was part of. So it wasn't a massive change still its a proper school now! She also has 20 kids in her class from nursery and was very lucky to end up with a few of her closest friends. She likes her school very much - she walks in with a massive smile on her face and leaves very happy. Her teacher is great and they have really good program - so far all good.

I'm sure lots of other important things have happened - I can't remember them all now. And today it's such a grey sleepy day I need coffee!

I am attaching a few photographs from rare occasions where I had my very heavy camera on me if you want to see what we were up to you can check on Instagram @agaspencer.

                            Serpentine gallery

 Hyde Park

  we were caught in rain many times this summer

 Paula's birthday


  1. wreszcie, nareszcie jesteście :)...zaglądałam regularnie... piękne zdjęcia (tylko malutko), piękne mieszkanko....powodzenia dla Odessy uczennicy.
    pozdrawiam ciepło
    Marlena jeszcze tylko 10 dni z Łodzi a później będę pisać już z Londynu!

  2. So good to read what you and your lovely family have been up to and that you are well. Congratulations on Odessa starting school, that's a huge step :)

  3. ufff - dobrze Was widzieć :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))