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Friday, 11 April 2014

Hello Battersea

A few days ago I had a play date in Battersea with Odessa's new soul mates - Lili and Cass. Honestly, these three kids are from the same planet.  They have the same crazy energy! I felt very sentimental watching them playing around the estate as it reminded me of the place where I grew up.  The older I get more of a city person I become... I love looking through my kitchen window in the morning to see people rushing to work, or kids running and playing around after school. I live on the ground floor so I constantly have to buzz the door for them :)  

I love the grey colours, the concrete, even the air. 
It feels home. 
The though of living in countryside again gives me a panic attack. My friend's flat in Battersea really reminds of the area I grown up in.. especially the galleries and walkways. 
I have to say though there are lots of things I did back than I hope Odessa will never do... like playing hide and seek on rooftops...